It has been generally acknowledged for years that non-adherence rates for chronic illness regimens and for lifestyle changes are ∼ 50%.

The problem of non-adherence to medical treatment remains a challenge for the medical professions and social scientists. Their efforts to explain and improve patient adherence often appear to be ineffective. Although successful adherence interventions do exist, half of interventions seem to fail and adherence theories lack sufficient explaining power. As a result of the widespread problem of adherence, substantial numbers of patients do not get the maximum benefit of medical treatment, resulting in poor health outcomes, lower quality of life and increased health care costs. In spite of many advances made in adherence research, non-adherence rates have remained nearly unchanged in the last decades.

The event focuses on how the healthcare industry can deliver considerable improvements in patient adherence.  Put simply, how can we help patients take the correct dosages at the correct times?

The Patient Adherence Congress is a forum for bringing together the experts and innovation needed to help move the issue forward in the Gulf region. You are encouraged and welcome to join us in Abu Dhabi where we have an important opportunity to make a difference. We hope you join us!
The conference is will be CME accredited.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To demonstrate real-life case based studies that improve patient adherence in the region
  • Understand factors affecting non-adherence and the impact on healthcare system
  • Review the UK Model on adherence and how successful elements can be implemented in GCC
  • What the latest tools and new technology is available to drive adherence levels up

Who should attend

Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Health regulators, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance Companies and any health care provider who is interested in patient adherence.

For more information and full details of the conference please contact Program Director Prema Paul on prema@themcc-group.com or +971-02-658-8717 Ext : 203


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