The 2nd Annual Pharmacoeconomics Middle East Forum, March 22-23 in Abu Dhabi will host international and regional experts, regulators, and other key stakeholders together to drive through key concepts on implementing pharmacy-benefit management, horizon-scanning, drug-review pricing, budget-impact modelling and analysis in the Middle East region. The symposium will be a critical benchmark for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, not just, in the UAE but also in the wider Middle East region as it will be the only event which all key regulators will meet under the same roof to discuss the challenges we face together in health economics spending.

The event follows a highly successful 2011 launch event which saw over 200 delegates attend the forum to develop key concepts and implement core principles in Pharmacoeconomics strategies in the region. The 2012 conference  will build on those ideas already in progress and will analyze in greater detail the impact on specific key therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Diabetes, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology and MS. The conference will also address the critical topic of Pharmacy Benefit Management, New Drug Pricing, Reimbursement Guidelines and case-studies on Formulary Committee Decisions.


Dr Mohammed Abuelkhair, Section Head, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi
Dr Peter Juhn, Chief Medical Officer, Medco
John Makepeace, CEO, Planet Pharmacy
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saggabi, Director, Drug Policy & Economics Center, National Guard Health Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



- Pharmacy Benefit Management
- The Economic Impact of New Drug Introduction
- Re-Imbursement & Pricing Strategies
- The Economics of Drug Safety
- Therapeutic Knowledge Clinics
Plus many more topics…


- Regulatory Affairs
- Formulary Managers
- Insurance Companies
- Pricing Committee
- Market Access
- Clinical Affairs
- Health Economists
- KOL Physician

For more information and full details of the conference please contact Gerard Moore on gmoore@themcc-group.com or +971-02-658-8717 Ext : 200 or Mobile :+971-50-956-4276


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